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  • Gothic / USA

Laurie & Jason, this is a great sample band history from another website I created. WRATH was founded in 1982 by bassist Gary Modica and guitarist Mike Nyrkkanen. Guitarist Scott Nyquist joined in 1984, vocalist Gary Golwitzer and drummer Rick Rios then rounded out the band that would catch the metal world´s attention with their six song demo, "Children Of The Wicked". The band´s live shows, which developed into a showcase of precision riffing and dynamic rhythms ignited a new found metal scene in the Lake County area of Illinois.

WRATH signed their first worldwide record deal with KING KLASSIC Records in Waukegan Il. "Fit Of Anger", the band´s first full length album was released in 1986. The album was devoured by metal starved college radio stations. Metal publications like "Metal Hammer", "Midwest Militia", and "Kerrang", took notice of WRATH and gave "Fit Of Anger" rave reviews. Drummer Rick Rios parted ways with the band in 1987, and drummer Mike Fron (AMULANCE) was brought in as WRATH wrote and recorded their second album, this time for ENIGMA RECORDS´ new MEDUSA label. Rock Guitarist (and legend) Ronnie Montrose was brought in to produce, and "Nothing To Fear" was born. The album showed a different side as the band experimented with a unique combination of speed, technical ability, and heaviness. The album was quickly received as the best WRATH offering to date, and tours with bands such as TESTAMENT, RAVEN, DR. KNOW, DEATH, and WRATHCHILD AMERICA brought WRATH to a new level.

1989 brought more change as drummer Mike Fron was replaced by skinsman Dave Sollman, followed soon by yet another change, original vocalist Gary Golwitzer was replaced by commanding vocalist Kurt Grayson. Later in 1989, the band wrote and recorded their third album, "Insane Society". Produced by Medusa honcho Ron Goudie, this album marked a return to the classic metal stylings of the band´s earlier sound; loud, pounding, heavy as hell metal! This album was probably WRATH´s most successful as it was introduced to the world by a fresh new lineup with tours supporting the likes of "up and comers" PANTERA, JACKYL, and BIOHAZARD. Videos for "Insane Society", and "Test Of Faith" debuted on MTV´s then "new" show, HEADBANGER´S BALL in 1990. (Videos may be viewed on this site). ..1 - "Insane Society", ..2 - "Test Of Faith").

In 1991, longtime guitarist Scott Nyquist parted ways with the band, and was replaced for a short time by Chris Nelken (TYRANTS REIGN), followed by a successful stretch with guitarist/metal producer Chris Djuricic (STUDIO ONE). The third video on this site was filmed live in May of 1993, featuring the lineup of Grayson, Modica, Nyrkkanen, Djuricic, and Sollman. In 1998, the original "Insane Society" lineup reformed for a string of select shows, and due to overwhelming response, the same lineup gathered again in 2002, and in 2004.

Latest Album

Sleep Now, Quiet Forest
Sleep Now, Quiet Forest


Alex Hicks
Jason Aaron Wood
Guitar / Programming
Laurie Ann Haus
Vocal / Keyboard
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert
Bass Guitar


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