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The Kovenant

  • Industrial Metal / Norway

The Kovenant is a Norwegian black metal band from Oslo/Hamar. The band originally formed as Covenant in 1993, but in 1999 were forced to change their name to The Kovenant due to a dispute with a Swedish electronic band of the same name.

The "Covenant" years (1993–1999)

The band was formed as Covenant in 1993 by two black metal artists known as Nagash and Blackheart. They both met when Blackheart decided to help Nagash with his one-man project Troll... more »


The Kovenant - S.E.T.I. The Kovenant - S.E.T.I. Club The Kovenant - In Times Before The Light The Kovenant - Animatronic


The Kovenant Gallery The Kovenant Gallery The Kovenant Gallery

Latest Album



Nagash/Lex Icon
Vocal / Bass Guitar
Psy Coma


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