CryingPuppet Darkzine
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  • Heavy Metal / USA

Career Albums

The Lord Of Steel Battle Hymns MMXI Gods Of War Warriors Of The World Louder Than Hell The Triumph Of Steel Kings Of Metal Fighting The World Hail To England Sign Of The Hammer Into Glory Ride Battle Hymns


Anthology The Hell Of Steel Manowar Kills

DVD, Video

Hell On Earth IV The Absolute Power Hell On Earth IV Warriors Of The World United


Demo ´81

Live Album

Hell On Stage Hell On Wheels - Live

Single, EP

Thunder In The Sky Die With Honor The Sons Of Odin The Dawn Of Battle Return Of The Warlord Number 1 Courage Metal Warriors Kings Of Metal / Herz Aus Stahl Wheels Of Fire Blow Your Speakers All Men Play On 10 Defender

Latest Album

The Lord Of Steel
The Lord Of Steel


Joey DeMaio
Bass Guitar
Eric Adams
Donnie Hamzik
Karl Logan


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