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  • Heavy Metal / USA

At the end of the film classic Conan The Destroyer, the title character sits on his throne. Though his thick muscles bear the scars of his many hard-fought battles, his steel-eyed gaze over his vast kingdom shows how proud and mighty he remains. His enemies vanquished, the challengers to his throne dispatched, it is time for the triumphant king to rest.

This is the fate MANOWAR´s members could have accepted in 2007.

Having conquered the world time and again since t... more »


Manowar - The Lord Of Steel Manowar - Battle Hymns MMXI Manowar - Hell On Earth IV Manowar - Thunder In The Sky Manowar - Die With Honor Manowar - Gods Of War


Manowar Gallery Manowar Gallery Manowar Gallery Manowar Gallery

Latest Album

The Lord Of Steel
The Lord Of Steel


Joey DeMaio
Bass Guitar
Eric Adams
Donnie Hamzik
Karl Logan


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