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Forest Stream

  • Doom Metal / Russia

Forest Stream was founded in 1995 by Sonm (drums, keys, vocals) and Omin. From the very beginning their goal was to create the music that would capture the beauty and magic of existence at the same time showing its triviality, misery, and despair. The duo worked only together at the beginning, but soon other members started to join and an embryonic full band started to take shape. Silent Anth began to help Forest Stream as bass player, and he quickly became a permanent fixture. In 1999 this line-up recorded the first demo, “Snowfall”. Influenced by the pioneers of the UK doom scene, but complete with a blackened edge, their music expressed deep sorrow and hopelessness of the existence on this pitiable planet. The second demo, ‘Last Season Purity’ was recorded in 2000 and subsequently uploaded to

Thus Forest Stream was introduced to the foreign listeners for the first time. The year 2002 was marked by serious rearrangements in the line-up: Elhella joined to play drums and Berserk joined as guitar player. Forest Stream also got a record deal for four albums from Elitist records. The album was recorded and released at the beginning of 2003 to universal plaudits from press and public alike. With the release of the full-length album the band got more opportunities to play live and that is when the line-up problems had to be solved. Elhella was shifted to play keys, Kir joined to play drums and T.Moloch was the new bass-man. This coincided with band’s morphing towards more aggressive touches in their music due to growing influences of the dark Masters—Emperor; as well as getting more technically advanced following the example of OPETH.

In 2009 the band moves to Candlelight Records (UK) where they release the second album ‘The Crown of Winter’. Among various concerts throughout Russia, Finland, Moldavia and Ukraine, Forest Stream played alongside with such bands as CRADLE OF FILTH, KATATONIA and DRACONIAN. In 2010 Forest Stream attained new bass player Stone-R.

Latest Album

The Crown Of Winter
The Crown Of Winter


Tyrant Moloch
Bass Guitar
Guitar / Bass Guitar


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