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Factory of Dreams

  • Progresssive / Portugal
Factory of Dreams - Melotronical


ProgRock Records - 2011


Whispering Eyes


Your eyes penetrate me
Asking for no permission
Tearing my soul to pieces
My reasoning glitches

My defenses are weakening
I´m helplessly vulnerable
Hypnotizing attraction
Killing me with passion

Give me your mind
Can you feel me inside
I´ll make you strive
To embrace your life
Give me your hand
Can´t you see I´m your friend
You´re so lost today
I´ll show you the way

Persuasive eyes
Looking for me
Stalking eyes
Scanning me
Mystical eyes
Seducing me
Obsessive eyes
Controlling me

I can´t escape,
I don´t wanna escape
This gateway to
An impossible paradise
Right in front of my eyes
Coz I´m so lost in this world
So much to behold

My body glows
As I reach the speed of light
So intense, it burns
I´m your strange
Damning eyes
Whispering into
Your mind

You can´t escape
My cruel invasion
You try to look away
But it´s all in vain
Am I insane

I´m Paralyzed
By your spell
I´m yours
See me
Control me
Help me to
Find my way

Eyes of fire
Tattooed on my brain
Making me insane
And I need them
To wash away my pain

Latest Album

Some Kind Of Poetic Destruction
Some Kind Of Poetic Destruction


Hugo Flores
Guitar / Programming
Jessica Lehto


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