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  • Black Metal / Turkey

EZAYAH was formed in 1999 by Emrah Karadag . EZAYAH released the first demo "Awakening of an Angel" in 2003, EZAYAH also joined compilation projects in 2004 which are Underground Scream of Turkey produced by Mahir Bora Kayihan and Concord within Chaos by Raven´s Gate productions with 3 songs on total which 2 of them was unreleased. EZAYAH had many positive feedbacks from the viewers in Turkey and other countries.

EZAYAH´s second demo album "Wintersky" released on November 2005 .

EZAYAH´s new album The Morning Star will be out very soon. The Album will be released with a limited copies and You´ll be able to buy the Album from and

The album contains 7 new EZAYAH songs. In this project EZAYAH also has a guest musician Melih Pekinbas on keyboards from GARGOYLE for 2 tracks on this project.

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Emrah Karadag


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