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  • Black Metal / Poland
Behemoth - At The Arena Ov Aion - Live Apostasy

At The Arena Ov Aion - Live Apostasy

Regain Records - 2008


Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa

ascend as empires burn

conquistadors ov the promised land

like the sons ov Anak

They shall rise from beyond the dawn

rise as victorious trumpets call

Chimera, Geryon and Thee oh Sphinx!

accompanied by Mars

Jupiter´s rays in fearless eyes unrestrained


bring forth the iron rain!


bring forth plagues on an ever failing race!

lead: Nergal

Thou shalt restore the splendor ov Sodom

personification ov Gommorah art Thou

iron-willed marching on ahead

with passion enraged threats torn asunder

fill my veins with liquid iron

armor chest and head with shining gold

that I may shake the fragile earth

may my will forever be unrestrained


bring forth the iron rain!


bring forth plagues on an ever failing race!

great architect

charlatan ov fairy tales

Thou hast failed

since the hour b*****d spawn

who was vomited forth

from a gasping wound ov a w***e

father, forgive me not

for I have sinned

now tremble and fear

and mercy have not upon me

begotten son I am not

adversary ov Thy love

the outcast ov Thy paradise


Nemesis! as one we stand!

divide and conquer!

and we shall own this f****n´ earth!

lead: Nergal

lead: Seth





free will brought us to the threshold ov the universe but public ostracism is not the worst punishment for being autonomic and a free thinking individual. we are who we are, no more, no less. the outsiders ov society, the "filth ov democratic illusion. but does that bother us? not at all. do we even care? f**k no! nothing can darken our bright vision that leads us to illumination, to redefinition. to this sacred place where we can recreate our ethics that from now on are based on instinct, knowledge ov the true nature and life experience. rejoice my brethren! we´ve never been closer to the truth. we are free to project ourselves the way we want on the map ov infinity.

Antichristian Phenomenon

been haunted be the paws ov fear
and felt his breath upon my neck
I was granted with the pain divine
and my voice was heard no more in heaven

great in power
thus call´st me almighty
in not be first archangel
I shall be the last among thee

come over to seduce your angels
been born to rape your mother´s holy womb
so call me now
as I stand above ye all

leave me unworshipped
in the dens below forever I shall dwell
malice in heart was bred and lives again
my legions hid in south eden
my flaming passions
oceans ov love
and all thou call´st
the evil
I summon thee
bringer ov war
bearer ov light
earth´s son

great in power
thus call´st me almighty
in not be first archangel
I shall be the last among thee


behold! children ov Cain
all beings not ov reptilian form
be upon them!
spare none! mercy cast aside!
those who feareth not my sacred blade
shall be blessed

repent not!
Thou art man
god is no more
rise now above the weakness ov flesh
come forth! join ye the arsenals ov blasphemy
follow the One
who spurred Roman warring legions

rise up! o power from sea below all seas
awake from everlasting dream!
spirits ov abomination
formless Thou hath appeared before me
I am before all things

chthonic gods! those from beyond the stars
commander ov hosts devour the flesh ov man
may their weapons melt like wax
may their tongues be torn apart
may Apophis grind their bones
may their ashes be scattered all around...

[lead: Nergal]

hear me! o vermin!
how couldst Thou fall so low?
redemption thru denial
restriction becomes a sin
mankind! so pure...
castrate Thy impotent god
vomit forth the blasphemy
and forever shalt Thee win

[oh, how many times I have tried to express my deep inner gate and disgust towards everything that´s so stagnated and one dimensional. so I had to create Demigod. being that expresses the most expansive and uncompromising virtues and instincts. I choose chose to take as my own: individuality, life affirmation, ambition, determination and vitality. musically it´s just pure stream ov energy, and every time I listen to the opening theme I see the berserking, frienzied, undefeated Roman legions.]

["What is good? - everything augments the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man. What is evil? - whatever springs from weakness. What is happiness? - the feeling that power increases - that resistance is overcome." -Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist]

From The Pagan Vastlands

From the land which hasn´t enter yet
Into the history
From the depths of swamps we are bringing
Proudly our name
At night, kissing the moonlight -
- rebel children living in twilight
Like wolves...
... some named us so...
Union with people from the sign
Of the half-moon
To crush the golden walls of
Earthly heaven,
To strangle the pestilence...
To the lands of the mighty Empire
Others even think about with fear
We invaded a state with sword
In our hands
Roma means nothing
In the land of Slavs !
Today forests sing about the legend,
Long forgotten spirits
Whose names nobody remembers now
Waiting their day to reborn
Their visions of the past
Are torturing our souls
Whispering in the dark...
... they will come here again
To reign supreme
Believe my words...
From unremembrance
From Fire and Water
From the sacred woods
Ancient Wolves gather
From the burnt Arkona
... From the Pagan Vastlands !
Black horse rides across the sky
With a sword we will open the amber gates of Nawia
Dzieci Svantevitha nienawidza Chrystusa !!!
Dzieci Svantevitha nienawidza boga-krzyza !!!

Conquer All

Mightiest Self!
cast out ov Thy Elysium
with blood ov nazarene
I write the story ov man
2000 years is nothing
thought it has been enough
come forth victorious
muting the foul angelic choirs!

none ov thy empty gods, shall ever stand above me
none ov thy weak brothers, shalt ever share my blood
my awareness, catalyst, ov godhate I have spawned
in sinister ecstasy eternally I decompose

race ov man!
the errors ov a wise make Thy rules
ye shall see
rather than the perfection ov the fool
the most divine!
I am many! among so very few
beyond redemption, beyond the weak
thus I beheld the truth!

none ov thy empty gods, shall ever stand above me
none ov thy weak brothers, shalt ever share my blood
my awareness, catalyst, ov godhate I have spawned
in sinister ecstasy eternally I´m decomposed

[lead: Nergal]

I am the pure flame that burns
I am (ever shining) Sirius son
I am the infinite space
I am the most conquering One

[Crowley said "I will give you a war-engine. With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you. (...) Conquer! That is enough." and with "Conquer All" I try to extend the meaning ov these mighty words. these lyrics are about life offering me so many opportunities which are at hand. my passions and determination are unbreakable. unrestrained will has brought me to this path I walk. it´s the whole world... it´s the whole universe I wish to conquer. it´s all or nothing. my music and words I speak are unlimited. I see no boundaries for true art. here and now. here and beyond.]


The all prophetic incantation
I was here before the beginning came
And I am the one to come after all myths and gods
Remain I shall beyond the end ov days

I pity Thee not oh self despising slave
Thy self contempt filled with disgust
Cast aside Thy scorn ov the earth
Until I lay my wrath upon the Thee I shall...

Eat the weak!
F**k the flesh!
Slit the throat!
Consume the dead!

[Lead: Nergal]
[Lead: Seth]

Drowned in empty black
Attempt to embrace my universe
I learnt how to crawl through knives and thorns
Drowned in alienation
I drag myself through the mud
Hatred injected, abhorrence accepted
When mankind fall prey
I shall arise!

[Lead: Nergal]

And Great Dragon from my mouth emerged
And all the treasures ov this world belong to me
In the sweetest inorganic embrace ov my devotee
I pledge my dagger unto Thee

Blessed with the Promethean rain
Tranquility I may find in bottomless pits
I shall carry this darkness on my back
´Till the day all the suns eclipse I shall...

Eat the weak!
F**k the flesh!
Slit the throat!
Consume the dead!

Slaves Shall Serve

Khrevsu tvahyu gradu tore!
Khrevsu kvatro midvhu piedhvro!
Khrevsu Kristo midhvu? vhradro!
Medvro vhtrienn utrah vreghgrho

Father ov Terror!
Aba ol-Hol
enter the pylon
thru´ the galleys ov past
catacombs ov night
into the starry womb

slay, slay!
Asar un-Nefer
we have no fear
our time had come
our will is done

dance, dance!
O Mighty One
in the fields ov Aqert
and spit
upon slaves ov death

War God!
trample all weakness
this is your day ov pride
draw Thy flaming sword
cut the umbilical cord
to set me free from eternal sleep

[lead: Seth]

...step by step
Khem: evolution: spiral vibration
can you hear?
can you touch?
can you see?
can you really see?

we charm all jins -
automata, inprinted realities
they creep like snakes
and all we feel
is painful bliss
as we burn forth
like winged globe
like solar disk...
...and penetrate eternity

[lead: Nergal]

Slaves shall serve!
Slaves Shall Serve!
Slaves Shall Serve!
Slaves Shall F*****g Serve!

[the title ov this song is taken from "The Book of the Law". these words invoke powers ov individuality which stands against fear and oppression ov western civilization with all its taboos, fallen religions and political idols, stupid and mad masses - "twisted mob ov Jerusalem". I wrote wrote these verses after my journey across Egypts entirety which I made in April 2004 e.v. but direct inspiration was successful invocation ov God Horus I performed in city ov Cairo on April 8th, exactly 100 years after Crowley received the text ov "The Book of the Law".]

As Above So Below

I´ve seen strange signs on my way
Silent shadows
Dancing shapes
And angels fallen on the earth

Face up
And look there
When the root ov thy being cannot reach

Art thou Nephilim child?
Are ye looking for thy Elysium?
Here among the living trees?
Among the fading stars, variablility ov forms?

Sometimes love, Sometimes sadness ov things
Sometimes rapture, and wine o sabbath
Sometimes hatred, divine rage
And 93 rears, no limit, beyond the sin - gilgolem

Ye taught me the secret words:
Protect thy Daimon

Why why whisper thoughts
But might is raised
When conjurer of seasons
Hums the song...sorrowful, joyful
Night is eternal
And day is eternal
With runes ov life
And runes ov death
As above, so below
Now it´s time ov the Beast

At The Left Hand Ov God

O, Serpent and Lion!
I invoke Thee!
Inside the shrine called life
By the seven wonders
By myriad mortals
That gone
And are to come
Outside desert ov restriction
In act ov rebellion
On the sea ov motion
Stability ov matter
By serenity, strength and beauty
By the mighty chant ov every breath

In serpentine dance ov blood cells
In simplicity ov spells
Divine names, meta-games
I greet Thy presence

Oh Snake! Thou art God!
Coiled underneath my throne
With Thee I reunite
With blood we make this covenant
Myself I redefine
Look in and above:
There is more than the flesh
Look careful and Thou may see
The unextinguished flame
The nectar ov Thy rage
I taste from the cup ov fornication
And woman by my side
And scarlet is her skin
She´s eager to rise
And so eager to please

Another day
Another eternity gone
And on the stairway to salvation
I walk alone among the falling stars
Looking for company
Where art Thou?
Oh, lacerate ones!

[Bass Lead: Orion]
[Lead: Nergal]
[Lead: Seth]

Arise! my sweetest friend
Or be forever fallen
We have finally arrived
From prison ov this life
To Kali´s womb
Down to the earth
As angels ov almighty god-
´Tis our last fall
To touch our mother w***e
The harlot ov the saints
That spits on the rotten cross
Incinerate the icon
The symbol ov all loss
To stand straight
At the left hand ov god

Samael! be Thou my ally!
Join me among the bright hosts
Wondering neither way ov light
Nor darkness
Ov which seed
Sprouts dispassionately
In the summer ov my life

Christgrinding Avenue

Spreading sickness and disease among the men
Grubby creed!
What are ye but the soulless meat?
Cancer consuming Thy race from inside
No grace awaits Thee in the crying skies above

I´m on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil´s work

Vultures attack!
May hell unlock overpowering might
Mourn not, my comrades!
Thou art fateless in the blinding light
On the altar ov liberation crucify the w***e

Drink to crucifixion
For oppression is no more!

Slay the w***e!
Make it bleed,
Make it weep
Let it die forever more
Slit the throat!
Let them rot
Let them pay
Let em taste their own blood
Make em crawl!
Upon this corpse
I shall feast
´Till no hope remains for the twisted mob!

Raise Thy sword of judgment, loose the iron rain
Beat the drum
No earthly power
May hinder nor stop Thee
Manifestation ov Mut
Protector ov Ma´at
I call upon the most divine
To spew forth this infecting dust ov life

I´m on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil´s work

Christians To The Lions

behold b*****d son
I am the evil one
no glory to be reached
no more thy slavery
the passion I besieged
spawn terror
smash thy will
ye pale dominion fades away my
will dominates

and watch my star arise
burning up the earth
sun - the eye of gods
threw into the space
watch ye moon eclipse
fallinf from thy grace
watch all nations cry
all feared ov his name
praise the flame!
watch angels falling from the skies
praise the flame!
I killed thy god
my will is done!
thou art lord

rise me! rise me high!
lead thru the gates ov sun
rise me! rise me high!
where angels do not dare to fly
invite to feast ov gods
and let me drift away
leave flames ov infamy
and watch me kiss the stars

Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth

come forth!
from the void beyond the stars
from the blackened shores Thee arrive
Thou art ov gods
yet supreme above them all
Thou art mocked and blessed

speak ov me not as one
speak ov me not as none
speak ov me not at all
for I am continual

crowned and conquering child
cast aside the prophets and false gods ov Thy ways
from the outer space
when TONUAL cross NAGUAL
beyond becoming, Thou hast become...

speak ov me not as one
speak ov me not as none
speak ov me not at all
for I am continual

let me reign as a god among slaves!

spirit clad in gold
Seraphs incarnate
shake loose the shackles ov a million years
children ov Seth
blast wide the portals
unveil the raptures
ov Thy kingdom

speak ov me not as one
speak ov me not as none
speak ov me not at all
for I am continual

let me reign as a god among slaves!

Io Khepesh!
Io Nubti!
Io Akhakh!
Io Simai!

[lead: Nergal]
[lead: Seth]

["Sculpting the Throne ov Seth" is a warlike manifesto. to make its message straight and clear: there are no gods but ourselves. there is more land to be conquered. there are more kingdoms to be ruled. need I say more? I guess not... it´s pretty much all I am about these days. no compromise and no surrender I say.]

Decade Of Therion

Από παντός κακοδαίμονος!
Από παντός κακοδαίμονος!

We transgress the context of commonplacenes
We deny normality, trample morality
We destroy angels with sound
We destroy angels with silence

Currents of tantric anarchy seize our bodies
Into the cosmic dance of four scythes
The curtains of Absurd Theatre are raised
Synchronicity - Mother Chaos on the stage

"Wisdom says: be strong!"
Thrilling words are spreading down the spine
Vibrating... "be strong!"
Exhausted I´m running towards the last shines of consciousness
Which is absorbed by shadows of madness

Από παντός κακοδαίμονος!
Από παντός κακοδαίμονος!

Here are the star and the snake servants;
-they rise the hexagram
Sun - in the triangle hidden ; Sight - sacred visions entwined
And union with Nothingness body I´ll find
Strength - go along the Mars path, fighting if we must;
Light - oh, you are Ahathoor, goddess of blue sky

There is might of dawn, in non-quality state I remain
Of commonness crippled time or sand - glass you don´t see again
Sigillum dei, picture of myself I´m drawing
With life, venom and hell I´m sprinkling it
His name is Esial, I want him more

Chant For Eschaton 2000

Fly, fly high my Black Eagle
Let golden thread bind our eyes
May our minds and hearts blood unite
On your wings carry me over the abyss
Beyond The Reason and across the burning seas
Then, with your claw tear the earth to the halves
And usher me into the secrets of her bowels
Down to the light of the beginning and the end which shimmers
Circle! Round and round my Black Eagle
Let our senses be touched by ultimate pleasure
May the passion of hunting become all - devouring
Slash! Slash with your beak
Remove all gods from my way, and thoughts, and sorrows
And let me trespass the barriers of fear
Scream! Let the whole cosmos tremble
May echoes become my the sweetest mantra
Spirit of Freedom! Eternal Wanderer! Joyfull Solitude!
Higher and higher towards the stars of Awareness
Let worlds of imagination and fact become one
Where I am you, and you are me

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