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Amon Amarth

  • Viking Metal / Norway

Interview with Amon Amarth

I´ve heard recently that you seem to be saying that you´re not Viking metal (anymore or ever were)..? What´s the reason for this - has there been criticism from others saying they are ´true´ Vikings? Surely it´s not a question of how you dress, or whether you play folk instruments but whether you have a Viking heritage (which you do),sing about Vikings (which you do) and most importantly, whether you truly believe in their values and even try to live like one....?

Well this is something Johan (Hegg) said and I don´t agree with him here. To me Viking metal makes sense since we have Viking lyrics / theme and play metal.

Well, whatever the purists may argue, your music and Viking theme is a big hit in the US so why is this so – I can’t believe it’s only the people in Minnesota that buy all your albums (my editor Josh doesn’t) LOL!

Well, at least Minnesota shows are always good, those Vikings know their metal LOL! Seriously, I think our success is a combination of several things: great songs, interesting lyrics, awesome designs, powerful live shows and most of all several years of hard work.

I´ve heard that you´re planning something special on the US leg of your tour and that´s to do two sets a show - WTF - is that physically possible?!

Yes, I thought that would freak you out LOL. Let me tell you Shan, this is going to be awesome, we´ll first deliver the new album, take a small break and then hit the stage again to smash out all the goodies and some wildcards. It´s for sure going to be tough nights for us, but we are up for challenge and can´t wait until it starts!!

How have you found touring in the US - is it quite different to how things work in Europe or other parts of the world?

I personally enjoy touring in the US a lot, not only are the shows really great but there is more stuff I´m interested in doing while waiting for show time like a great selection of food and many stores are open 24/7. Some of the venues are shitholes compared to European venues, but in those venues the audience always makes up for it.

I’m certainly no expert on Norse mythology but is the legend of Surtur commonly known amongst Swedes or something you guys spent time researching?

No, Surtur is definitely not as common as Thor or Oden, however he has a major role in Viking mythology and since he is a powerful character we thought that it would make a great story and album cover.

Do you see yourselves writing about other non Viking topics like say politics or s*x – even Tolkien?

No, not really. Again, I personally would not like to see us writing about non Viking topics.

With all your success is Amon Amarth a full time occupation or do you still have to work in the ‘normal’ world (presumably at some iconic Swedish company like IKEA LOL)?

This is our full time occupation; luckily we make enough so we all get by as there really is no time for other jobs than the band!

The only problem with success I guess is that you have to keep bettering it so given that did you feel just a little bit nervous about whether you could make “Surtur..” more successful that your most successful album “Twilight Of The Thunder God”?

I personally don´t get stressed or nervous about that. I know what the band is capable of and as long as we have passion for this kind of music we will continue pull out great albums. Besides we would never enter a studio if we didn´t feel that the material was good enough.

You’re working yet again with Jens Bogren and upon listening to "Surtur..." he seems to have given you a more brutal sound this time round so was that intentional?

Yes it was, we felt that we wanted a more brutal approach this time and at the same time a little rawer and clearer sound as well. Also we managed to write some of the most brutal songs we ever done as well.

LOL why is Johan (Hegg) so much bigger than the rest of you guys – even for a Swede he’s f****n huge so does he body build (Viking style of course!)

What can I say - he is just a genetic freak of nature LOL!!!


-- Shan Siva


Latest Album

Deceiver Of The Gods
Deceiver Of The Gods


Ted Lundström
Bass Guitar
Olavi Mikkonen
Johan Hegg
Fredrik Andersson
Johan Söderberg


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