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80 Kalibre

  • Heavy Metal / Turkey

80 Kalibre was founded in 2006 by Hidayet Can Ozcan. From the very beginning their goal was to create the music that Turkish Heavy Metal. They was firstly working on 80´s Heavy Metal covers.

In 2008 recorded the first demo album, "Kurtul Zindanindan". Demo album was sold only in Istanbul. In the same year, established their own the Kalibre Muzik. In addition, many concerts and festivals voiced their tracks.They was selected as "Future Stars" in France and Germany´s Underground market.

In 2010, the band found themselves back in the studio, recording "7 Secilmis", their first full-length album. The full-length release was preceded by a promotional EP "Zamani Geldi", and both were issued in 2010. Also, they was released first official animated video clip "Kayip".

In 2011, band signed with the Lunas Muzik.But the result of disputes, they was terminated agreements with the "Lunas Muzik". In addition, the band deal with "2MT Yapim".

80 Kalibre’s first DVD album, entitled “Zamani Geldi” was released on 2012. The album got exceptionally good reviews and voted in a few esteemed publications. Also they was composed their national anthems´ third and fourth parts as a heavy metal sound in 2012.

The band working on their new full-length album.

Latest Album

7 Seçilmiş
7 Seçilmiş


Özgür Can Köksal
Bass Guitar / Back Vocal
Serkan Bilsel
Selim Işık
Hidayet Can Özcan
Vocal / Guitar


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